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Get a Head Start on Your Career (April 7, 2021)


The radiology landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade and the pace of change will not subside any time soon. The breadth and scope of what you need to know and understand has expanded significantly. This means that your potential future employers are now seeking candidates with more comprehensive skill sets. With this course, RLI will get you prepared and armed to find the right job and embark on your career journey with enthusiasm and confidence.

Designed for residents and fellows, this virtual RLI event will provide you with a strong foundation of knowledge, skills and tips on how to most effectively enter the radiology workforce in a way that positions you for the greatest opportunity for success.

Program Information


Four pre-recorded lectures made available to residents two weeks in advance of live webinar.

  1. Academia & Private Practice: Understanding the Similarities and Differences in Settings and How to Make the Best Decision for You

    •     Stephen Holtzman, MD (Radiology Associates/small pp)

    •     Jason Cord, MD (Kaiser/large pp) 

    •     Yi Li, MD (UCSF/academic practice)

    •     Jason Sinner, MD (RadNet/corporate-pp)

  2. Fair Pay and Compensation in Various Practice Settings

    •     Stephen Holtzman, MD (Radiology Associates/small pp)

    •     Jason Cord, MD (Kaiser/large pp) 

    •     Yi Li, MD (UCSF/academic practice)

    •     Jason Sinner, MD (RadNet/corporate-pp)

  3. How to Evaluate a Job Offer

    •     Lawrence Muroff, MD, FACR

  4. Smart with Money! Personal Finance Steps for Your Transition from Training

    •     Scott Truhlar, MD, MS, MBA, FACR

  5. ACR Career Center Presentation (5 min)​


Wednesday, April 7, 2021, 5pm – 6:30pm PT (8-9:30pm ET)

  • 5:00 – 5:10pm: Welcome and Introductions

  • 5:10 – 5:40pm: All Faculty Q&A Forum

  • 5:40 – 5:45pm: Breakout Instructions

  • 5:45 – 6:25pm: Mock Interview Breakout Session

  • 6:25 – 6:30pm: Reconvene for Thank you and Closing Remarks

Content is prerecorded and will be available to attendees before the live Q&A session on April 7th.

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