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Insurance/ Plan Payment for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis


Sep. 1, 2016 - The CRS continues to push for coverage of DBT by private insurers.  Existing law requires insurers and plans to cover all screening and diagnostic mammography services ordered by a physician but almost all are denying coverage for DBT claiming it is investigational. Though our sponsored bill AB 2764 (Bonilla) stalled in the Assembly fiscal committee in recent weeks the following has occurred. 

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Out of Network/ Balance Billing Legislation Sent to Governor


Sep. 1, 2016 - AB 72 (Bonta) is the new vehicle which would ban balance billing and create a process for determining interim payment rates for out of network physicians who provide services in contracted hospitals and other facilities. A small workgroup of Assembly Democratic and Republican members have been developing a compromise solution involving all stakeholders including physicians.
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Digital Breast Tomo Coverage


Aug. 1, 2016 - Though CRS sponsored legislation, AB 2764 (Bonilla), was held in the Assembly Appropriations Committee we continue to work to get the major payers to cover DBT. Many groups have helped their patients file Independent Medical Review (IMR) requests with the Department of Managed Health Care if their plan denies payment for DBT claiming it is investigational/ experimental. The DMHC website shows some 351 IMRs reviewed for DBT with over 90 % of the decisions reversing the plan denial of coverage. Please continue to encourage or assist your patients file IMRs if you provide DBT.
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