Working for Radiologist, Radiation Oncologists and their patients


  CRS' legisltative team with decades of experience works with state legislators and other stakeholders to guide legislation on behalf of radiologists, radiation oncologists and their patients. 






  CRS members are always up to date on the latest changes in health care that impacts their practice via the CRS Bulletin, e-newsletters, twitter, linkedin, and CRS conferences and webinars.   Members interact with each other through CRS' secure discussion forum area.  








CRS partners with the ACR Radiology Leadership Institute to bring to you the foremost experts at the annual Leadership Summit.  Online and in person, CRS members gain the tools they need to lead their group the health care changes transforming medicine and radiology.






Technology and healthcare reform with CRS' help can add value to your group rather than detract.  CRS is here to help from our Meaningful Use portal to Breast Density law tips and expert advice.











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