CRS was created to bring radiologists together and give them a voice in government, allowing them to relate problems and issues to legislative and regulatory policy makers. Members work together in a regulatory environment designed to encompass all areas having a potential impact on radiology in California, such as:  

  • state legislation and regulations 

  • insurance law 

  • workers compensation 

  • Medi-Cal reimbursement 

  • working with Medicare carriers 

CRS members and their concerns are represented at the State Capitol in Sacramento. Some of the more recent issues have been:  

  • Telemedicine 

  • Physician Self-Referral Prohibition 

  • Hospital Employment of Physicians 

The CRS is a chapter of the American College of Radiology (ACR) and serves as a focal point for interaction with other local component societies.  

Resources & Guidance
Many members utilize the CRS as a resource for information and direction on legal and practice issues. We provide references to outside attorneys and consultants for specific member assistance.  

Quarterly Newsletter
The CRS Bulletin is a quarterly newsletter designed to keep members abreast of Society activities, events, trends and information. It also provides an excellent, useful, and reliable review of local, state and national legislative activities.